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The roots of the company go back to Belgium, where in 1962 Somati System was founded in order to produce fire extinguishers, and expanded the scope of production of extinguishing spray systems, building fire brigade vehicles, as well as fire doors.

In 1997 the company started to sell fire protection materials and later on it started to produce fire doors in its own manufacturing company in Troubsko.

After obtaining the necessary approvals and certificates in 2010, the company Somati System succesfully entered the Polish market. Our products are now certified and approved for sale to the Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Dutch, Belgian and Lithuanian.

We have advantage over others because of:

  • individual approach to customer needs at the planning stage

  • production and distribution of fire doors in non-standard sizes

  • regular inspection of the production process

  • solid construction and solid components

  • the production of large doors

  • gate production with additional sound and smoke protection, explosion and bullet protection

  • control and fire units of our production

  • the sale of non-standard products on the market

  • short delivery times

  • quick warranty and post-warranty services

Products Somati System as one of the few in the world market can be equipped with all the elements of the controls used in conventional gates are used for everyday use.

High quality, solid construction and proper installation allow the company as the only one on the market for the provision of a guarantee of 50,000 cycles per produced gate.

Thanks to control units of our own production, we can assure the customer that the products are fully compatible.

Somati System aims to provide customers with products of the highest quality, modern technology and matched in design and functionality to individual customer needs.

Systematic perfecting of manufacturing solutions allows for continuous improvement and product innovation, and the quality is confirmed by regular tests carried out by qualified technical personnel and independent research institutes across Europe.

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