GGS vertical fire sliding door


Are usually used in case of high lintel and limited space on the sides of the opening. They are custom-made according to the customer’s dimensional requirements. They are tested according to European standards and approval of Building Research Institute No. AT-15-8452 / 2013.

Door closing is typically gravity-operated or using one of the offered electric motors. The door may be supplied with an emergency exit door with or without a threshold, and equipped according to individual needs. Doors are available in a smoke control or an Ex version.

Diagram of a GGS vertical fire sliding door


  • The door consists of individual slats based on the steel frame structure. Slats are covered with a flame-retardant material and metal sheet;

  • Stability of the of door leaf is achieved by strengthening the steel panels with the profiles connected with threaded rods;

  • The assembled door leaf is equipped with two roller carriages and is suspended in the door track on steel cables with rupture protection;

  • Doors are available in a smoke control or an Ex version;

  • Guaranteed mechanical strength of the door: 50 000 operating cycles;


  • Standard - high-quality galvanised coating;

  • Painted in one of the four standard RAL colours (7035, 9002, 9006, 9010);

  • Stainless (acid-resistant) steel;

  • Doors may also be finished with MDF, PVC, HDF, solid surface veneer or natural wood veneer according to customer’s choice;


Electromagnetic brake with the option of setting a constant speed of door closure and stoppage at any position, in case of manual door operation in a non-alarm mode (for door leaf of surface area above 4 square meters)

Electromagnet no possibility to regulate closing speed, the door leaf can only be stopped in the end positions – open or closed

MASTER electric motor with a control and fire unit (door with counterweight)

  • Motor control ensures smooth door opening and closing;

  • The system contains control buttons on either side of the door, including photodetector;

  • In case of an alarm, the motor closes the door either by a signal from UPS emergency power supply;

  • Optional remote control of the door.

SI motor with FSTronic DES-FI control (door without counterweight)

  • Industrial motor with long cycle life up to 100,000 cycles;

  • 1x230 V/20 A supply;

  • In case of an alarm, the door is closed by means of a battery;

  • Possibility of emergency manual opening of the door using a crank or chain;

  • The battery can be enlarged to enable electrical safety opening the door without an external power source.

The hydraulic drive with the panel FSTronic Hydro:

  • 3x400 V suply;

  • Drive provides gravitational closing of the door in both the normal and alarm mode;

  • No possibility of emergency manual opening of the door in case of power failure;


The fire panel Slidetronic (Door without electric drive):

  • 230 V/6 A supply;

  • Serves for controlling an electromagnetic brake or electromagnet;

  • It can receive signals from controlling devices and send signals to the controlled devices;

  • Optional installation of a 24 V reserve battery, preventing immediate closing of a door leaf under normal operation in the event of a standard power outage;

  • Can be connected to an autonomous detection system (detectors) and the signals from the central EPS;

  • Integrated "START-STOP" button.




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